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~ ~ Sold ~ ~

~ ~ Lady Joy ~ ~

Spoken for by The Berglund Family in Colorado
Week 1

Week 2.5

Week 3.5

Week 4.5

Week 6.5

Week 7

1st Female, 1st in litter.....Very Short Thin Strip

(looks like it will dissipate)

born 3/7/23 @ 4:56 am.....1lb 5 oz

3/14.....2lb 4 1/2 oz

3/26.....4lbs 3oz

4/1.....5lbs 1/2 oz

4/7.....7lbs 2 oz

4/19.....13lbs 12 1/2 oz

4/25.....16lbs 12 oz

Week 1-3

Joy is a talker. She almost always has something to say but is usually all quiet when we are snuggling. Joy is content w/whoever...her momma or any one of us humans...she has no preference but she can almost always be found snuggling with her momma.

Joy is sweet with a sassy side. Her x Grace usually rough house together.

Week 4

Joy is still a talker that loves to cuddle but she has been way less rowdy this week. More sweet than sass.

Joy showed her smarts during her photo shoot..she creeped to the edge x looked over she did run full speed ahead. She was also very inquisitive/watchful.....sat there x just watch me. I was having issues with the camera x she just sat x watched me.

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