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~ ~ Sold ~ ~

~ ~ Ember Rose ~ ~

(aka Lady Hope)
Spoken for by The Harter Family in Missouri

Week 1

Week 2.5

Week 3.5

Week 4.5

Week 6.5

Week 7

5th Female, 7th in litter.....Solid Blue

born 3/7/23 @ 8:30am.....6 oz


3/26.....1lb 10oz

4/1.....1lb 14 1/2oz

4/7.....2lbs 15 oz

4/19.....5lbs 2 1/2 oz

4/25.....6lbs 4 1/2 oz

Week 1-3

Hope is our All American Girl x she is a fighter!!

I honestly did not think she would make it. At 6oz compared to her siblings...figured she would get that "weak puppy thing" I hear other breeders talk about but Hope is stubborn x has shown us that nothing is going to keep her down!!

Aside from her obvious stubborn/not quit side she is an absolute sweetheart - how can she not be at this size. However her size does not keep her from doing anything - she gets the milk, she gets her mom...she gets whatever she wants x she gets it on her own. Hope is also smart enough to know on the few occasions her big butt siblings were in her way she just came to me to get a bottle. Quick as a whip.

Week 4

Finally gained a whole Pound in a Week!!! 

Hope does not cease to amazes me. Starting to remind me a lot of her Nana Lexis...melt my heart. So when her siblings run, they look like little piglets...Hope who I saw run for the 1st time this morning..looks like Bambi :-)

She is a well rounded girl. Hope typically hangs with her cousins x plays well with them. Have yet to see her get rowdy...but I am sure she will one day - just doesn't seem to be her thing. She seems so happy go lucky.

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