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~ ~ Lady Hazel ~ ~

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Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Week 5

Week 6

Week 11

1st Female, 2nd in litter.....Solid Blue

(very thin strip should dissipate)

Front Flashing x Smidge Back Flashing

1 white toe nail on back paw

born 1/19/23 @ 7:07 pm.....1lb 2 oz

1/25/23.....1lb 12 1/2oz

2/1.....2lbs 12oz

2/8.....3lbs 12oz

2/16.....4lbs 10 oz

2/22.....7lbs 5oz

3/1.....10lbs 12 1/2 oz


4/5.....26lbs 1/2 oz

Week 1-2

Not much to tell Hazel mainly eats x sleeps but she does appear to be a cuddler - does not matter if it is her momma or me she is happy either way

Week 3

This week showed that Hazel is indeed a cuddler w/whoever is willing. She did not meet a stranger so to speak w/our kiddos....snuggled right up with whoever x gave them kisses.

Week 4

Hazel has been pretty quite this week. She seems to be a sweet well rounded lady. She is our daughter's favorite because she loves to cuddle. Hazel plays with her siblings but is not rowdy - videos on FB. So she has a sweet cuddly side x a gentle playful side so far

Week 5

Not much to tale basically the same.

She Loves everyone she meets so far. Hazel does well with her siblings but does seem to prefer us humans.

Week 6

Hazel is so pleasant! She is usually the 1st one to leave the "Milk Bar" x come in search of me (aka the food lady) most pups will whine at me until I get everything set up but she just watches me or follows me as I get it all done. Hazel does love to cuddle though - she does not have to be on our laps like Cappi but she prefers to be. Hazel is such a happy easy going girl. She plays well with her siblings x has yet to meet a stranger - absolutely amazing girl!

Week 11

Hazel is so sweet x so smart. Her x her siblings came into our room a few days ago x into a kennel...none of them have went potty in our home x they all sleep all night.

Hazel loves people x exploring the house x yard but likes that I am in sight.

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